South Goa Beaches

Goa is a small state but there is a clear distinction between the demographics of the beaches located within this small serene state. South Goa is not as commercially oriented as North Goa , has a got a very serene feel to it and the beaches located in this region have a calm of their own. If you want to enjoy peace ,calm and clean beaches then South Goa Beaches is definitely the destination for you.

Below is a list of all the Beaches in South of Goa.



=> Velsao Beach | Goa Beaches
Velsao Beach offers solace from the busy beaches of Goa, with its relaxing golden sands & clean beach. Velsao Beach makes for a quiet place…

=> Majorda Beach | Goa Beaches
Majorda is located at a distance of 18 km from Dabolim Airport and connected to Margao by buses, motorcycle taxis, and taxis….

=> Colva Beach l Goa Beaches
The Colva Beach is broad and beautiful, and has a stream coursing through it. Colva is the oldest…

=> Palolem Beach | Goa Beaches
Stunning,Magnetizing,beguiling and charming these wordsare not sufficient enough to describe the beauty of Palolem beach. It is the most popular and fascinating beach located…

=> Bogmalo Beach | Goa Beaches
Why choose Bogmalo Beach? Bogmalo beach is a mixture of serenity and commercialism, splashed with simple beauty where one can happily lose oneself. Initially Bogmalo beach in Goa was a…





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