Arossim Beach

Just to the south of Velsao Beach is the beautiful stretch of Arossim Beach. Arossim is home to the family of Tristao Braganza Cunha, a pioneer of Goa’s freedom struggle and one who advocated nationalism.The beach is a heaven not only for the party and leisure seekers but also for the adventure seekers who look forward to some water adventure and sport activities along the beaches of Goa.

Arossim Beach is difficult to distinguish from the neighboring Cuelim and Cansaulim Beach resorts which are actually its natural extension in the north direction. All these three beaches belong to the territory of Cansaulim Village, located in Salcette Taluka (Salcette region) in South Goa. To the south from Arossim resort you can find two world famous beaches of Utorda and Majorda which are stretching alongside the sea coastline. The distance from Arossim Beach to Margao, the main city of the region is about 12 km, and the distance from the resort to Dabolim International Airport is about 16 km.

Like all beaches on this amazing, beautiful endless South Goa coastline of the Indian Ocean, Arossim Beach also has dazzling white sand, green dense palm trees and colorful fishing boats which are like slowly and peacefully dancing among the ocean waves. The landscape is supplemented with few houses and shops and lonely hiding in the shadow of mighty trees „The Star Fish” shack restaurant located in the very center of the beach.

Arossim Beach resort will perfectly suit those tourists who are trying to escape from noisy overcrowded cities and crazy, rapidly-flying everyday life and spend their holidays lying on the beach under tender sunbeams, swimming in warm ocean waters and taking water sports exercises.

In the south of Arossim Beach resort you can find luxury Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa 5* Hotel where the largest swimming pool in whole India and huge SPA and fitness centers are located. For your children amazing Hyatt Children’s Camp is working on the territory of the hotel.

Near Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa 5* Hotel you can find „Venus Beach Shack” restaurant which is very popular among tourists. Clean, with fantastically tasty dishes of local and international cuisines the restaurant will please you much. By the way, here you can try the tastiest dishes from seafood in whole Goa. Prices in this restaurant are slightly higher than in nearby shacks, but still this doesn’t make „Venus Beach Shack” less popular among tourists and Arossim Beach resort visitors.

In the north of Arossim resort, closer to Cansaulim Village, Heritage Village Club 3* Resort Hotel is located. Next to it you can find Mango Terrace Restaurant and Ayura Center. On the way to the beach and in the Village itself everyone can stop in different comfortable guest-houses, villas and few other places of accommodation. Prices for holidays in Arossim resort are about the average for South Goa prices criteria and depend on a type of accommodation you will choose to stay in.

Beach Activities : Arossim beach offers various water sports activities viz. water surfing and sailing. The equipment required for the activities as well as the training for undertaking the activities is available at the beach. Operators are also willing to train and signal the newbie in the task and also ensure a safe and secure adventure.

However, it is advised to avoid adventure activities during rough seas. The most preferred season for these activities is from October to March every year.

What to experience

Arossim has the Cansaulim Church to see and explore. There is a difference of opinion as to when church was built but that it was rebuilt in 1632 is certain. Here, the Feast of the three Magi is celebrated with great pomp.

Safety information

Though this beach is quite safe to swim, you should not venture out more than waist-deep in water because there is no lifeguard.

Eating out

There are plenty of eating options to choose from at and around the Arossim beach. Cuisine from most parts of the country and from abroad is available here.

Night out

As there are not too many options for nightbirds, you’ll have to go to other parts of Goa for a wild night out.


Accommodation is not a problem. You can take your pick from a whole range of hotels and guest houses, including five-star hotels.


Arossim beach is just between Velsao beach and Utorda beach, on this beautiful 26 km (16 miles) beach of South Goa.

It is about 20 km (12 to 13 miles) from the airport and a few kilometers from Margao, the main city of South Goa.
Roughly a road goes along the coast in a parallel line.

If you come from the north, about 2 km (a bit more than a mile) after Cansaulim, there’s on your right a small purple chapel (thought the color changes each year!), and the next turn on your right is the road leading to Arossim beach. A board is there, indicating the Heritage Village Club.

If you come from the south, after Utorda, and the Park Hyatt Hotel, you’ll go through an open space: a water reservoir with water lilies and paddyfields. Then, a kilometer further, on your left, you’ll see the road leading to the Heritage Village Club and Arossim beach. Check the boards! And beware of the speed breakers!

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